E14/ E15 Event Rooms Schedule Calendar

E14/ E15 Event Rooms Schedule Calendar

Welcome to the E14/ E15 Event Space Calendar!

Building E14/ E15 event spaces consist of the following rooms; E14-674 Multi-Purpose room, E14-648 Silverman Skyline room, E14-638 Winter Garden, E14-633 Dreyfoos Auditorium, E14 Lobby, along with the E15-070 Bartos Theater, Lower and Upper Atrium's. You will find room details about the E14/ E15 event spaces on the Media Lab website.

Please note that when scheduling a reservation room request, there is a nine month window (270 days) for requesting event space, so an event request for September 2023 can be requested as early as January 2023.

Starting in September 2022 the event space room fee will be increasing to $150.00 per hour per room. This does not include any additional event service charges.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all events must adhere to MIT's COVID policies located in MIT NOW

Please contact e14e15scheduler@media.mit.edu with any event or reservation questions